Jon have been a sheepfarmer since 1960 here on Sjåstad Gård. He got 500 nok of his grandfather and bought 3 sheep from a neighbour.  Today he has about 370 sheep.

His first border collie, Prince, came in to his life in 1970 and Jon has since that time used sheepdogs as a significent part of working with sheep. Jon has participated in every Norwegian Championships that have been arranged since 1978 and took his first, of 8, wins in 1982.
He has also been Nordic Champion and won Continental (1998)

From the start Jon has had a big interested in breeding, both sheep and dogs. He was one of the first that started to import border collies from uk.


Arne runs a farm, Sand gård, that are about 6 km from his childhood home, Sjåstad Gård.
Today he has  a bit over 500 sheep to care for and uses dogs as a everyday help.

His first border collie, Gail, came to Arne when he was 13 years old. He participated in the Norwegian Championship the same year (1989) and was placed 6th.

Arne has been active skier and was not a part of sheepdogtrials from 1991 to 2001.
Arne  have started many Norwegian Nationalsand has a 2nd place as the best result!



Hans Erik lives nearby on the smaller farm Nordre Meren, his everyday work is as a psychologist.

He got his first sheepdog, Lassie, in 1989 at the age of 10 and enterd his first trial the same year. Since that time he have been focusing on ski and studies and started with trials again in 2001.

He have paticipated in several Norwegian Campionships with a 9th place as the best result.