Do you want to shepherd in Skarvheimen?

We are looking for someone that are interested in combining a walking vacation in the Norwegian mountains with some shepherding.

Skarvheimen is in Hol in Hallingdal in Norway and the place for 1200 of our sheep/lambs. They are grazing a big area up in the mountains. This is a great opportunity to see some wonderful surroundings and use your dog in work. Also a good chanse to stay in shape, both for you and your dog!
Its also possible for some fishing.

The days will include walking and checking so that all is good with the sheep. If any sheep has crossed the grazing bounderies then you need to document it and then take it over to our area and move it somewhere further away. This is where you have to have a sheepdog.

It’s a small cottage without electricity or water. Possible to heat up with wood. Its a gas cooker for food. Also a battery so it is possible to charge your phone. Water is running fresh outside in streams.
If you are interested please contact Jon Sand: 0047 908 38 446 or e-mail:
It’s a 1 week stay minimum

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